“I don’t write many testimonials but the staff at PCM is a pleasure to work with and deliver the results promised.”

You Log On... We Do the Rest.

“Moving our Exchange server into the Amazon Cloud has made our lives so much simpler.   Thanks to the staff at PCM for the suggestion and the implementation.”

Security That You Can Afford From The Amazon Cloud
Is Amazon for you?  Call us to find out why it makes sense.

Amazon Hosted Servers Grow With You
As your business adjusts in size, your server can adjust in size.  You can adjust user counts, disk size and computing power on the fly.

Keep Capital Expenses To A Minimum
Say good-bye to large upfront expenses to keep your IT investments up-to-date.  With PCM and Amazon, you pay by the month.

Forget About Backing Up
With Amazon Hosted servers, we take the worry about backing up.  All backups are done for you reliably and automatically. 

Security, Security, Security
With a PCM-configured Amazon Server, we build a secure and safe connection between you and your Amazon Server.  No more worrying about hacker and virus attacks that compromise your data and your network.

What Is Cloud Computing?

PCM Private Cloud
Our hosting services provide best in cloud infrastructure that eliminates the need to manage, upgrade, or replace old on-premise servers.

Do you have an application that cannot run on new hardware?
PCM offers the latest in virtualization technology that allows you to continue to deploy your application software without the worries of managing outdated hardware.  Our infrastructure offers power redundancy, redundant cooling, and redundant networking to ensure that your application is available exactly when you need it.  Our hosted server offerings include:

SCO OpenServer Based Servers
Linux Based Servers
Windows Based Servers