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When you have an issue we go into action.

Professional Computer Maintenance takes pride in making sure our customers experience minimal downtime.  We understand how important your business data is to you, and fully appreciate how downtime can affect your bottom line.  In today’s business world, technology is integrated into every part of your organization.  With so much riding on your network’s reliability, you need an IT solutions provider that responds quickly.  From the moment you contact PCM, we are working aggressively to resolve issues – either on-site or remotely.


There are no dumb questions.

You haven’t dedicated the last few decades of your life to technology.  We understand.  Even though technology can be intimidating, our friendly and approachable staff makes it easy for you to keep informed without feeling overwhelmed.   PCM’s staff of technicians and engineers will take the time to explain technology in non-technical terms.  This helps keep an open dialogue between you and PCM, ensuring you get the most out of your technology investment.


When it matters, trust the experts.

Professional Computer Maintenance has been in operation since 1984 and has been a leader in technology planning, implementation, and support services every step of the way.  While we understand that no two issues are exactly alike, we are able to leverage over a quarter of a century of experience to not only troubleshoot issues in a timely manner, but also anticipate issues before they become problems.  Having PCM’s team of experts on your side gives you the ability to focus less on technology and more on your business. 

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